so basically

this will stand as an archive of sorts of my interests & crazy ass lame emotions from the year 2008 to now 2010. it is obvious that i do not care about it any more. i do believe that it is an important timeline for myself. if you look at it and get nothing or if you look at it and it gives you good vibes, great. i don't think that this news or change is going to effect anyones life, but i now the death of a blog is the lack of constant post. so this is not the death of this one per se, but a eulogy.

peace to the middle east and a bottle of hair grease ya'll.

this is why i'm better than you.
2008 till 2010.

the joke is dead.

dont ask

ugh. but actually it's more like a big fix and not a break... soooooo? yay! i guess.


it's not that i forget about this thing or i dont care, but... some times it is exactly both of those things.  funny though.  when i didn't have anything cool going on in my life i posted on this fucker like nine times an hour, but now that i have legitimate shit going on  that is really interesting i dont post anything.  hmmmm.  funny.  life.  irony.  all those things.



fuck catalano!

collecting/ art

i'm almost at that point. andrew would be so proud! you dont need to have a shit load of zeros behind a number in your bank account.

"there's no such thing as bad taste. if your friends make fun of you, get new friends. never rely on anyones' eye but your own."

real talk from larry rinder

reading material recently.

gallery sitting.

soooooooo sleepy for no reason.  chinglers.


you have consumed my brain! who would've thought i'd end up with soooooo man of you little guys. and now the fear of how gigantor you'll grow is taking over! but i dont care! i'll love you forever my little plant babies! i will be there forever to whisper in your ears... or leaves!

also ms. serena cole has her first big solo show ever this friday at triple base! get your ass there and be amazed by this awesome cool ass chick. maybe i'll commission her to paint one of my little babies. but probably not cause that's a little crazy.

devoting my brain

to you.

changes. effect. me. way to much.

i like you right now. but my heart still is in love with you. the small choices that are big to me.

also massaging the brain tonight

hope. r.i.p. for now. sorry i never came to see you.
sadness to happiness.
always have hope.
even if it makes you feel lame.
human bundles of comforters and pillows!


are inevitable. but dont let them actually crush you.


my brain t-nite

metal folding chairs spray painted amazing colors!



tape recorder. everythings better when it's spoken. detective. twin peaks. life notes. verbal journal. verbal blogs.



employee party. plan it!


black t-shirts.

new pants.


beer stamps for work

golden gate park. take a walk. nature.

making shirts and bags.

setting goals.


building shit. coffee table.



drawing fliers n posters for bands. ask luke and?


try harder. dogaroos.